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The demands of modern day living affect us in all areas of our life - and work is no exception, especially in today's economic climate. Performance targets seem to increase just as budgets go down. So how can we meet these extra demands?


If you’re the boss you need to get more out of your team. If you’re part of the team how do you meet the needs of work without losing some of your quality of home life? These two competing needs traditionally cause considerable conflict, which isn’t good either for the business or the workforce. In our experience each situation is unique. All businesses have their own way of operating and equally all employees have their own unique personal life. So how are the two different actually?


Any work team functions in exactly the same way as a family, yet at work we expect everyone to do the same things equally well, matching them against the same performance indicators. Would we really expect that of individuals in a family? All this really does it force square pegs into round holes. Every member of that team at some point earned their place on it - whether they got through an interview or were promoted into it, somewhere along the line someone has given them the nod. Is everyone playing to their strengths while developing new skills?


We utilise a systemic, Solution Focused approach looking forward to where you want to be as a business and looking at the various components of your major asset - your team! We support you in looking at what steps you need to take to achieve your business goals but also include your team member’s individual goals within this. It’s no good asking someone to do something that doesn’t fit with their aspirations - that’s how you lose staff! This promotes job satisfaction and can improve work life balance, supporting higher productivity.


If you wish to improve team performance or set targets but aren’t sure how to go about this contact us for an informal chat. There’s no obligation. We offer bespoke solutions to bespoke people - round pegs in round holes!


Square Square Square Square

Coming together is a beginning.  Keeping together is progress.  Working together is success.

Henry Ford