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Neuro Linguistic Programming, NLP for short is a therapeutic way of changing how we behave and respond to events in our life. To achieve this the therapist takes the client through a series of steps to look at how they would like their life to be, what dreams they aspire to, and then examine how they can achieve this. Often we go through life never quite getting what we want, treading the same old path over and over again until we just give up and accept what others tell us - that we will never be anything other than what we are.


But this isn’t really how life is - it’s just what everyone else tells us. We don’t have to believe it! How often have you been told you’ll never be able to do something? Have you ever had that moment when you announce your latest and greatest idea for your life only for someone close to say ‘But what about me? Where do I fit in with your plans?’ Most of us at that point decide that we’re probably being selfish and need to think of others. But what about you? What about your dreams and ambitions? If you change how you think about something you change its nature. That person may be holding you back but why? It’s tempting to think they’re jealous of your plans - most of us probably would. But what if they think so much of you - love you so deeply that they’re frightened of losing you? That they want you in their life so much they can’t bear to think of things changing? How does it feel now to have someone think so highly of you? NLP challenges our thoughts and feelings and makes us look hard at them to discover their real nature. This process alone can change the way we respond to them. When we change our responses to something we change the thing itself.


But NLP isn’t just about this. We all get stuck in cycles of behaviour that seem to be the best thing to do to achieve our aims. But what do we do when this doesn’t work? Most of us continue to do the same thing in the belief that eventually it will work. But why? What makes us think if it didn’t work the first time round then it will the second, or third, or fourth, fifth, sixth? Why don’t we change what we’re doing? It is human nature to feel fearful of change and sometimes we need some support from someone to help us. This is where a skilled NLP Practitioner can help. When your car gets stuck in the mud you call the breakdown service to pull you out - so there’s nothing wrong with asking for a bit of help when it’s you that’s stuck! When we repeat behaviours over and over they get stronger until it’s almost impossible to make a get stronger so that it's almost impossible to make a change. That’s all well and good when those behaviours are positive but what if they’re not? NLP has helped countless people in just that situation.

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